Providing rapid title processing for dealers, title services, auto auctions, and the general public

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The KVTSC Office is located at 2127 SW 37th Street in Topeka (see map with directions here). Our business hours are Monday-Friday

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KVTSC Now Provides Title Services to the General Public

Beginning Friday, April 14, 2017, KVTSC will provide title processing services to the general public as well as to businesses

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Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company, LLC

Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company, LLC (KVTSC) provides same day and 24-hour turnaround processing for Etitles, Duplicates, Reissues, Title Only’s, Salvage Titles, Repossession Titles, Possessory Liens, Mechanic’s Liens, Abandoned Vehicles, Storage Liens, Verifications, and Vehicle Histories for licensed Kansas entities (dealers, auto auctions, and title service companies).

*Please note that, at this time, KVTSC cannot accept any title applications which are mailed to our office. All applications must be delivered in person.

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