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KVTSC Holiday Schedule / Inclement Weather Updates

Holidays for 2024: Holiday Day Date New Year’s Day Monday January 1, 2024 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday January

MVE-1 Change

Effective December 1, 2018, the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) and KDOR/DMV now require the $20 fee for MVE-1 out-of-state vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we have received. Be sure to check back as we will continue adding to these questions as they are received. Also, feel free to email us at [email protected] with any other questions you have!

Q   Who may use the services provided by KVTSC?

A   KVTSC services can only be used by businesses which are licensed by the Kansas Dealer License Area of the Kansas Division of Vehicles. Licensed out of state dealers needing a Kansas duplicate title for a vehicle traded in to their dealership may also use KVTSC services.

Q   Is there a map showing how to get to the KVTSC office?

A   Yes, here is a link to the map.

Q   Will the Kansas Division of Vehicles’ forms used by dealers and/or title services being revised to show KVTSC service fees?

A   These forms content and fees are not under the control of KVTSC as they are the Kansas Division of Vehicles forms.  As these forms are not intended for only dealer or title service use in most cases, KVTSC does not foresee these forms being revised to include our fees.

Q   What type of transactions will KVTSC accept for processing and what is the turnaround time?

A   KVTSC will be providing same day and next business day processing and printing of titles for Kansas titles applications and lien releases which meet the requirements for receiving a title from the State of Kansas.

Q   Will a dealer or title service be required to stay at the KVTSC office if they submit a transaction(s)?

A  No, a dealer or title service may “drop off” a title application(s) and/or lien release(s) along with the payment and come back to pick the titles up the next day or within a day or two of dropping off the transaction(s).  If desired, the dealer or title service may provide an addressed, postage affixed envelope or a pre-printed shipping label for a courier service (e.g., FedEx) and KVTSC will have the title(s) mailed/shipped to the dealer or title service.

Q  Can I mail in a title application for KVTSC to process?

A   At this time, KVTSC cannot accept any title applications which are mailed to our office. All title applications must be delivered in person.