MVE-1 Change

Posted by Admin2 | December 7th, 2018

Effective December 1, 2018, the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) and KDOR/DMV now require the $20 fee for MVE-1 out-of-state vehicle inspections and the $25 fee for rebuilt salvage inspections previously paid to the KHP at the time of inspection to now be collected when the vehicle is titled at either a County Treasurer’s office or Kansas Vehicle Title Service Company (KVTSC).  This change does not include inspections performed by KHP designees, i.e. local law enforcement (pink MVE-1) and new vehicle dealer program vehicle self-inspectors (green MVE-3).  These designees will purchase their inspection forms directly from the KHP and in turn collect the fee from the vehicle owner.

The KHP will continue to provide title applicants with an MVE-1 (white MVE-1) at the time of the inspection as this form must be included with the title application.  Authorized parties (i.e., dealerships, title services, mechanics, tow services, salvage pools, etc.) who submit title applications for vehicles that have been inspected by the KHP need to add to their payment to KVTSC the $20 fee for MVE-1 out-of-state vehicle inspections or the $25 fee for rebuilt salvage inspections (this is an addition to the applicable transaction fee).  The MVE-1 fees cannot be adjusted off of a transaction for any reason.  Discrepancies in fees charged by the KHP will need to be separately addressed with the KHP.

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