Posted by Baseline Creative | June 11th, 2016

As you know from our communication last month, as of June 1, 2016 the forms you submit to KVTSC must be the most current forms either issued or approved by the Division of Vehicles in order for KVTSC or County Treasurer offices to process your title applications.

Over the past week, we have received several inquiries regarding this new requirement. To help ensure your title work is processed in a timely manner, below are some tips to help you in completing the necessary forms.

  • The date next to the signature on all forms must be completed along with the signature on all forms.
  • The date of the transaction is important when determining which version of the form must be used.  Therefore, KVSTC will use what we are going to call the pertinent date.  The pertinent date for each transaction type can be different.  Below is how the pertinent date will be determined for each transaction types:
    • For transfer of ownership, the date the title assignment is signed is the pertinent date. (i.e., dealer title only, salvage title and junking/nonrepairable certificate.)
    • For duplicate/replacement title applications, the date the application (TR-720B) is signed is the pertinent date.
    • For mechanic and possessory lien title applications, the date the vehicle was left for repairs or towed is the pertinent date.
    • For repossession title applications, the date the vehicle was repossessed is the pertinent date.
    • For lien releases, the date the release was notarized is the pertinent date. If the lien release is from an out of state lien holder, the requirements of the jurisdiction in which the lien holder is located are the determining factors for proper forms.
  •  When the Division of Vehicles revises a form, the previously approved form will still be valid for 60 days following the date the new form was revised.
  • KVTSC encourages its customers to use a general power of attorney (TR-41) instead of an authorization (TR-134) for transactions such as, but not limited to, a duplicate/replacement title.  This way, if a form needs to be signed and/or corrected, you can act for the owner. Please note that a General Power of Attorney can be copied or faxed, however, a Secure Power of Attorney must be the original or carbon copy page when utilized.
  • Except for the title assignment and/or the Odometer Disclosure Statement (TR-59), the name on a form can be either hand printed or typed.  Both first and last names are required.  Any document with odometer disclosure information will require the buyer and seller to both hand print (not type) and sign their names.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at info@kvtsc.com or call 785-215-8430. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

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